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Privacy Eraser Free 4.44
Alpha Clipboard Recorder 13.17
God Mode Launcher
Action1 Force Windows Updates 2.5
Nero CoverDesigner 2018.19.1.1011
Checksum Aide 64 Bit Portable
Nero Wave Editor 2017.15.0.6000
Nero SoundTrax 2017.15.0.6000
Park Auto Alert
DoNotSpy10 5.0
Windows Backup Recovery 18.0
Crescendo Music Notation Editor Free 3.22
Sensor Charts 1.0.3
Noise Reducer Pro 1.1.1000.4979
Antamedia HotSpot Software 6.0.2
Shareware Updates
AnyMP4 Video Editor 1.0.8
Lock USB 1.0.3
Privacy Drive Portable 3.15
DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper
Amazing MTS M2TS Converter 10.8
Amazing MXF Converter 10.8
Amazing Video Converter Ultimate 10.8
Amazing USB Flash Drive Recovery Wizard
ASP.NET jMedia 14.1.1
Audio Reader XL 2019 19.0.0
Network LookOut Administrator Pro 4.6.1
Dr.Web Security Space 12.0
Aiseesoft Mac FoneLab 9.1.28
DVDFab DVD Ripper

Captionsmadeeasy Captionviewer.cme Softdev

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  CaptionsMadeEasy CaptionViewer 1.2.1 (Demo) by CME SoftDev
  CaptionsMadeEasy CaptionViewer - Easy Caption ... mode showing captions CaptionsMadeEasy CaptionViewer easily adds ... your future generations CaptionsMadeEasy CaptionSuite adds three ... captioning experience. * CaptionsMadeEasy QuickCaptions: Quickly add ... photo captions. * CaptionsMadeEasy PhotoSorter: Easily rename ... playback order. * CaptionsMadeEasy TimeRepairer: Forgot to ...
Caption Editor, Jpg Slideshows, Photo Captions, Photo Slideshow, Slideshow Viewer
Size: 8.8 MB Price: $24 OS:  Win7 x32 , Win7 x64 , Windows Vista
Download CaptionsMadeEasy CaptionViewer 1.2.1 Download

  Conductor Lite / CME - Unlimited Commercial Computer Game License v1.x (Shareware) by Raise Audio
  The "unlimited commercial computer game" license allows the usage of CME.dll in an unlimited number of your commercial computer game products. Conductor Lite is using MP3 technology:MP3 technology is patented, and Thomson license the use of their andFraunhofer's patents. The inclusion of an MP3 decoder (eg. Conductor Lite) in acommercial product requires an MP3 patent licence. Contact Thomson
Size: 1000.0 KB Price: $156.36 OS:  Windows , Windows 98 , Windows Me , Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows Vista
Download Conductor Lite / CME - Unlimited Commercial Computer Game License v1.x Download
  W32/Nyxem.D removal tool 2.0 (Freeware) by Proland Software
  CleanNyxem.EXE will detect and remove the W32/Nyxem.D worm completely from your system. Download CleanNyxem.EXE and save it on your desktop. Double click on CleanNyxem.EXE to execute it. Follow the user-friendly instructions to detect and remove the W32/Nyxem.D Worm from your computer.
Anti-virus, Antivirus, Cme-24, Email, Email-worm Win32 Nyxem E, Kamasutra, Me
Size: 372.0 KB   OS:  Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Me , Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003
  authorPOINT for Rapid E-learning 3.8 (Shareware) by authorGEN Presentation Software
  authorPOINT is a PowerPoint to Flash converter for SCORM and ADA compliant Flash presentations, which installs in PowerPoint as a plugin for easy PowerPoint capture and PPT to Flash conversion for SCORM LMS. - Capture PowerPoint as you present. - Integrate video and audio as required. - Add your own video to the captured presentation. - Convert to Flash, Windows media and Real media Formats. - Easy procedure to publish your presentations to a dedicated streaming media server for web based delivery to viewers - Includes a Content Manager to manage presentations. The Content Manager has information about each presentation and can be used to distribute presentations. E-learning presentations can be managed easily through the content manager. - The plugin can be updated automatically - Quick convert to Flash - Presentations can be created for Desktop PCs as well as Pocket PCs Uses - Use to create SCORM web based lectures for online distance learning. These lectures can be posted to LMS (learning management system) servers. - Presentations can be used for employee training in business organizations through intranets, seminars, and in training sessions - Can be used as a rapid e-learning tool to create PowerPoint based training modules with audio and video. As an example, specialists can create web based training (WBT and CBT) to deliver training sessions in multimedia formats. - Capture live seminars with audio and video, convert them to Flash presentations, and upload to your website for easy access to members. E.g. Medical and Law (CME, CLE) seminars can be captured and can be made available over the Internet. - Use as a business enhancement tool to create business presentations. Use these rich media presentations to explain your product/service offerings. Access, or deliver product presentations to prospects online or through storage media. Multimedia presentations, with video are a very effective way of promoting your business offerings.
E-learning Multimedia Presentations, Make Cbts, Make Flash Presentations, Make Wbts, Powerpoint In Flash, Powerpoint To Flash Converter, Powerpoint To Flash Plugin
Size: 532.0 KB Price: $299 OS:  Windows 2000 , Windows XP
Download authorPOINT for Rapid E-learning 3.8 Download
  Tariscope 3.4.7 (Demo) by SoftPI
  Tariscope is a call accounting software and telecom billing supporting all major PBXs, VoIP softswitches and routers. It can be used for centralized call accounting of enterprise telecommunication systems. * Tariscope can interact virtually with any hotel system. * Tariscope allows user to set the restriction on the specified type of calls for the subscriber, group of subscribers, routes or trunks saving companies budget. * The Tariscope allows you to import and synchronize the directory of subscribers from the enterprise Active Directory, thus eliminating the need for a separate reference database of subscribers in Tariscope. * Tariscope user can get traffic intensity of trunks and subscriber lines as of all traffic passing through the PBX and in its separate components. * Using of Web interface allows subscribers to receive actual information about their calls, cost of calls, account status, control incoming unanswered calls, set a category for calls according enterprise policy, obtain different reports about their calls and Internet traffic and about calls and Internet traffic of department if subscriber is a department manager. * Using Tariscope you can compare results of call charging with results of call charging from telecom operator. * Support OS : Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
3cx Accounting, 3cx Billing, Avaya Call Accounting, Call Accounting, Call Billing, Call Manager Express, Cisco Call Manager
Size: 68.1 MB Price: $91.05 OS:  Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows Vista
Download Tariscope 3.4.7 Download
  CHEMMOL 1.0 (Freeware) by Wolf van Heeswijk
  CHEMMOL (V1.0) is a freeware program for the calculation of molecular masses and chemical analyses of compounds. It was written with the organic chemist in mind.Thus, apart form (most) of the elements a number of organic functional groups and some protecting groups were added. Likewise, all naturally occuring amino acids were added to the database. CHEMMOL readily parses inputlines like CuSO4.Aq5, H2C=CMe-COOPh, [NEt4].[Cl] and even protected peptides like Ac-Pro-Val-Gly-His-OBn without problems.
Size: 257.0 KB   OS:  Windows , Windows 98 , Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP
Download CHEMMOL 1.0 Download
  DDxHub Differential Diagnosis Hub 4.0.4 (Shareware) by SmrtX
  Diagnosis is the process of determining which disease or health condition explains a person's test results and symptoms. DDxHub Differential Diagnosis Hub System distinguishing of a particular health condition from others that present similar symptoms and lab test results. DDxHub is a concentrator that holds a lot of disease descriptions. DDxHub is useful when you try to find a right diagnosis by comparing several different possible diagnoses. You may enter your own disease definition into DDxHub repository and share the disorder descriptions with other DDxHub users around the world. In turn, you will be updated with disorder descriptions from other DDxHub users. DDxHub relies on the System knowledgebase to diagnose a health condition. However what happens if a disease is difficult to diagnose and a remote doctor does not have the answers? The patient is often bounced from one specialist to another, and sometimes no solution is found. It's challenging in cases where a patient lives in inaccessible regions or has a rare disease. DDxHub enters the power of crowds! Increasingly, more physicians and patients are relying on crowdsourcing, leveraging the collective knowledge of online communities to solicit information and ideas from individuals with diverse experiences, to diagnose difficult cases, solve medical mysteries, help increase access to medical information and enhance patient care. The DDxHub is a System that encourages interdisciplinary collaborations among medical experts with backgrounds in medicine, nutrition, education and research using crowdsourcing platforms and advanced analytics to provide suggestions to patients who present their cases. DDxHub has assisted in resolving hundreds of medical cases. DDxHub tool helps doctors generate a list of possible disorders to consider when diagnosing a patient. It uses the process of deliberating the possibility of one disorder versus that of other disorders probably determining for a patient's disease.
Cme, Ddx, Ddxhub, Differential Diagnosis, Disease Comparison, Disease Review, Medical Diagnosis
Size: 4.8 MB Price: $69.99
Download DDxHub Differential Diagnosis Hub 4.0.4 Download
  FuturesCalc 2.0.0 (Shareware) by
  FUTURESCALC allows traders at all levels of experience to easily calculate trade results, display critical contract information, and easily access exchange information for the most actively traded U.S. futures and futures options markets. The program currently supports 32 futures and 32 options contracts traded at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Commodities Exchange (COMEX), Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), International Monetary Market (IMM), and the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). The primary feature of the program is an innovative derivatives calculator that quickly calculates trade profit/loss results. The simultaneous display of equivalent point, quote and cash values is designed to help both new and experienced traders quickly visualize price and quote relationships for each selected market. Minimum point, fluctuation, and daily limit values for each contract are easily displayed at the press or click of a button, and previous input is automatically stored in memory and displayed when switching between calculator and price limit windows. Entered input is automatically checked for errors and display values adjusted to reflect the nearest minimum price fluctuation. Essential contract information (exchange, contract code, and delivery months) is also displayed for each selected derivatives market at the top of the program window. Swift access to a wide variety of contract and market information is provided through web links to exchanges, contract specifications and holiday schedules. The program can also be configured to display on top of other software programs and/or display a status bar at the bottom of the program window. Experienced traders will trade more efficiently and effectively, and new traders will be equipped to better understand and navigate the often confusing and complex derivatives markets. The program includes full customer support, free lifetime upgrades, and an attractive low price.
Business, Calculator, Code, Commodities, Commodity, Contract, Derivative
Size: 5.4 MB Price: $19.95 OS:  Win7 x32 , Win2000 , Windows Vista
Download FuturesCalc 2.0.0 Download
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